Seaport-e Contract Details

Contract Number: N00178-16-D-8931

Contract Number: N00178-04-D-4024 (Subcontractor for Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.)

Zones: Zone 2 (National Capital), Zone 4 (Gulf Coast)

Designation: SDVOSB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business)


Orion Solutions has the experience and capabilities to meet the challengers of the United States Navy and support SeaPort-e in their functional requirements.

Orion Solutions, LLC (Orion) is a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business established in 2003 and is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. As a provider of DoD vehicle maintenance, repair and logistics, industrial products sales, program management, technical training and systems engineering, Orion provides demonstrated surge capability and expertise in US Navy Combat Systems, Operations, Navigation and Deck Seamanship training and assessments.  We have provided a broad range of defense support services from managing vehicle maintenance, repair and facilities in fleet concentration areas nation-wide, hands on operator training provided to Sailors both domestic and foreign. We are demonstrated experts in shaping the support engagement around the customer’s needs while keeping the message culturally relevant.   Orion Solutions offers individuals with recent DoD, while utilizing a network of industry, technology and government experts.  For over ten years, we have built a reputation for economy and professionalism based on sound management skills, efficient program execution and creative resolution of challenges.

The services provided by Orion include:

  • Systems Engineering and Maintenance
  • Training Support Services
  • Instructor Support Services
  • Curriculum & Courseware Development
  • Logistics Support Services
  • Industrial / Environmental Solutions
  • IT Integration and Program Support Services
Functional Requirements Orion Future Team
3.1 Research and Development Support X
3.2 Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support X
3.3 Modeling, Simulation Stimulation, and Analysis Support
3.4 Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model-Making, and Fabrication Support
3.5 System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support
3.6 Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support
3.7 Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RM&A) Support
3.8 Human Factors, performance, and Usability Engineering Support
3.9 System Safety Engineering Support
3.10 Configuration Management (CM) Support
3.11 Quality Assurance (QA) Support
3.12 Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support
3.13 Inactivation and Disposal Support
3.14 Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trails Support X
3.15 Measurement Facilities, Range, and Instrumentation Support
3.16 Logistics Support X
3.17 Supply and Provisioning Support
3.18 Training Support X
3.19 In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout Support
3.20 Program Support
3.21 Functional and Administrative Support X
3.22 Public Affairs and Multimedia Support
The Orion Solutions SeaPort-e team is structured so that the unique expertise and capabilities of each member create a complete team that can meet the challenges and requirements of SeaPort-e and United States Navy. Our teams experience and professionalism will assure that SeaPort-e will meet their goals and objectives in a timely and efficient manner.

We will be adding information on our partners for this SeaPort-e project as we bring them on to the Orion Solutions team.

Our Quality Program is based on industry standard quality manageme


nt processes including those found within the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000 series of standards. Our quality management approach is based on continuous communication with our customer; it is used consistently and with great success across all of our Government contracts.
Our QCP is designed to support the Government’s QASP and to ensure both documents remain effective throughout this contract’s period of performance. Our approach demands full contractor participation with all regular and ad hoc performance reporting and regular coordination with involved stakeholders to quickly adjust performance, when adjustment is required. As required, we will attend and actively participate in performance evaluation meetings to collect positive and negative feedback and to rapidly identify methods of improving our performance.

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Seaport-e Tasks

N00178-04-D-4024 (Subcontractor for Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. )

Administrator Contact

John Carnley, Vice President
(904) 394-0934

Customer Satisfaction

Ryland Reamy, President
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